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  • 🐶 Overlooked to Overjoyed: Mitch's 7-year path to adoption

🐶 Overlooked to Overjoyed: Mitch's 7-year path to adoption

PLUS: Arizona’s rescue spotlight & puppy-training basics

👋 Happy Thursday! Dive into this week's edition of Cause for Paws for a hearty dose of hope and hounds.

Last week, we wanted to know the most challenging part of dog adoption is for you.

The results?

Navigating the adoption process got the most votes.

We get it, adopting a pet can be a real challenge.

That’s why we’re committed to making a positive impact on pet rescues throughout the U.S. — thanks for being part of the journey! 🙏

This week, we want to know:

How do you approach training your newly adopted dog?

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Cast your vote, and stay tuned to see how fellow adopters navigate dog training in next week’s newsletter!

In today’s Cause for Paws:

  • 🏡 A fairytale ending: Mitch's 7-year journey

  • 🧠 A quick guide to training basics for a new puppy

  • 🇺🇲 50 State Rescue Challenge: Arizona Edition

  • 🐾 Paw Profiles – 3 cute dog rescues up for adoption

Source: Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society

For Mitch, a gentle 12-year-old treeing walker coonhound, the long road to finding his forever family has finally come to an end.

Mitch was adopted after spending over 7 lonely years at the Cashiers-Highland Humane Society in North Carolina.

When he first arrived at the shelter as a stray back in 2016, he was frightened, skeletal, and in poor health.

"He was emaciated and high-strung when he first came in," described Jodi Henkel, the assistant shelter manager.

Despite receiving attentive care from the staff and growing into a sweet older soul, he remained overlooked for adoption due to his advanced age.

As Mitch patiently waited, he watched countless other dogs get adopted and placed into loving homes.

The staff knew Mitch deserved a warm bed and family to call his own. But the years dragged on without any luck finding a home for this loyal hound.

"For some reason, people look at hound dogs and don't see them as pets, age, breed," Henkel explained. "We like to see every dog have a chance because they all deserve it."

After 7 long years of waiting, a major breakthrough finally came for Mitch when the shelter posted a touching video of him on TikTok.

Teresa Shular saw the video and felt an instant connection.

"I cried when I watched it the first time. I cried when I watched it the second time," she said.

Despite some initial hesitation, Teresa and her husband ultimately decided to open their hearts and home to Mitch.

They raced up to the shelter, eager to make this sweet senior part of their family.

The reunion was filled with pure joy, tail wags, and happy tears as Mitch embarked on an exciting new chapter in life.

Teresa was committed to making Mitch's golden years the best ever after all he had patiently endured.

"It's not about me, it's about Mitch," she said. "He needed a home, and thankfully we can provide that for him."

Now Mitch spends his days happily lounging on the porch and roaming his new spacious home. Teresa delights in pampering this loyal companion and giving him the life he always deserved.

For David Stroud, the shelter director, Mitch's touching story carries an important reminder: never give up hope, no matter how bleak things may seem.

To celebrate Mitch, consider opening your heart and home to a senior shelter pet. Their resilience and unconditional love, despite past hardships, can profoundly change your life for the better.

If you just got a puppy, are about to get one, or are just thinking about it, you may be wondering:

What should you teach them first?!

There’s a ton of content out there that can feel overwhelming to sift through.

So today, we’re directing you to a simple, excellent video on 3 easy things to teach your new puppy.

It’s from one of our favorite dog training Youtube channels, Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution…

And in this short and sweet video, you’ll learn how to teach your new pup:

  1. To respond to their name

  2. How to sit

  3. How to lie down

You can’t go wrong by starting with the basics!

🇺🇲 The 50 State Rescue Challenge: Arizona Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

Every week, we cover a different state, and share resources on how you can help adopt in your own state.

This week, we’re basking in the sun-kissed vistas of the Grand Canyon State — Arizona! 🌵

Located in Phoenix, AZ, lies the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL).

Established in 1971, this haven has grown to become the largest and oldest no-kill shelter in the state.

They’ve since become one of the biggest no-kill shelters in the country, opting to not kill healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full! 👏

AAWL's dedication goes beyond just sheltering the animals. They're on a mission - to create a world devoid of homeless dogs and cats.

A standout feature of AAWL is their exemplary housing facilities. Animals here are accommodated in temperature-controlled, spacious kennels and condos, ensuring their comfort while awaiting a forever home.

Their rescues get exercise several times a day, and individual attention catering to their needs, giving them an unmatched level of care.

If you're around Phoenix, make it a point to visit AAWL and witness the incredible work they’re doing for the rescue community!

P.S. Not an Arizona resident? No sweat, we got you!

🐾 Paw Profiles: 3 rescues ready for adoption

Arizona Animal Welfare League is home to some of the most lovable furry companions, eagerly waiting for their forever homes.

Take a look at three of our favorites from their shelter!

Taki is a loyal companion with a heart ripe for love, dreaming of open trails and cozy evenings with a family that’ll treasure his tender spirit. With a little patience, he’s ready to embark on life’s adventures by your side. 🐾💖

Sparrow is a playful girl with a deep love for tennis balls! This energetic gal is looking to bond with dog-savvy adults who respect her space and have lots of time for play! 🐾🎾

Meet Syrup, our sugar-sweet friend with a heart as warm as morning pancakes. This gentle soul is on the lookout for a loving family to help him see the sunny side of life! 🐾🥞

Are you the right fit for one of these adorable faces?

For sponsorship and paid media inquiries, email: [email protected]

👋 Signing off for now, Cause for Paws crew! We'll catch you next week!

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