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  • 🐶 New Beginnings: Vanessa's 11-year road to adoption

🐶 New Beginnings: Vanessa's 11-year road to adoption

PLUS: Minnesota’s rescue spotlight and “tidy-up” command training

👋 Happy Thursday! Welcome to Cause for Paws, for your weekly dose of inspiration in the world of rescues.

Last week, we asked you what motivates you to adopt a rescue dog.

With exactly 50% of the votes — Compassion for animals came out on top.

No arguments with you there! 😉

For this week, we’re eager to know:

What aspect of dog adoption do you find most challenging?

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In today’s Cause for Paws:

  • 🏡 One rescue pup’s 11-year adoption wait finally ends

  • 🧠 Teaching your dog to clean up and put toys away

  • 🇺🇲 50 State Rescue Challenge: Minnesota Edition

  • 🐾 Paw Profiles – 3 of our favorite rescues up for adoption this week

Source: Villalobos Rescue Center

Vanessa, a gentle senior pit bull at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, spent over a decade patiently waiting to be noticed

Despite being a friendly girl with no behavioral issues, this loyal dog was repeatedly overlooked by potential adopters for 11 long, lonely years.

That changed this July when Ellie Mitchell, a compassionate dog lover, came across Vanessa's photo on the rescue's Facebook page.

"Overlooked for 11 Years," read the caption under Vanessa's sweet face.

"It made me sad to think she'd lived her whole life without a family," Ellie said, feeling an instant connection gazing into Vanessa's soulful brown eyes.

Learning of Vanessa's difficult history - discarded by her owners as a skinny puppy and spending most of her life in a kennel - Ellie knew she had to give this senior dog the loving forever home she deserved.

Ellie quickly submitted an adoption application for Vanessa, saying "I wanted her to know the love of a home."

Even with sudden interest from many others once Vanessa's story spread, Ellie's heart was set on providing this sweet old dog the family she'd been missing.

Rescue founder Tia Torres remembers the sad August day in 2012 when Vanessa first arrived at the shelter, abandoned in the back of a sweltering moving truck.

Her previous owners were relocating and heartlessly dumped the 12-week old puppy like an unwanted piece of furniture.

"They pulled up, rolled the truck door open and left her here like a piece of old furniture," Torres recalled. "If she’d been left in that hot truck much longer, she would have died.”

Despite the odds stacked against black pit bulls and older dogs getting adopted, the staff never lost hope of finding Vanessa's perfect match.

As she grew into a 35-pound love bug, they updated her photos and ad listings, noting how she was "really sweet with no behavioral issues."

Now at long last, after over a decade of waiting, kind-hearted Ellie is preparing to welcome Vanessa home to Delaware. There she'll join Ellie's three other rescued pups, with plenty of space to play and cuddle.

"I just want to make her final years the best years she’s ever known,” Ellie said, looking forward to providing comfort, joy and love to Vanessa in her golden years after such a tough start to life.

In honor of Vanessa, consider opening your heart and home to a senior dog in need.

Are you ready to turn your pup into a cleaning assistant? 😉

This trick might sound advanced, but it’s actually quite simple to teach:

Getting your dog to help tidy isn’t just a fun party trick to show off.

It’s also a highly practical skill to teach them, and a great mental workout for your dog.

Training Positive’s YouTube channel has a great tutorial to help you and your four-legged friend learn this trick.

And get ready for a whole lot less clutter!

🇺🇲 The 50 State Rescue Challenge: Minnesota Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

Every week, we cover a different state, and share resources on how you can help adopt in your own state.

This week, we’re heading to the North Star State — Minnesota! 🌲

In the heart of Minneapolis, you'll find Pet Haven of Minnesota.

Established in 1952, this distinguished shelter prides itself on being Minnesota's first foster-based rescue organization.

Unlike traditional shelters, Pet Haven places animals in nurturing foster homes, offering them a comforting environment where they can flourish and prepare for finding their forever home.

This unique foster-based approach not only benefits the animals but also the prospective families, giving them a glimpse into the pets' personalities in a home setting.

Their dedication goes beyond just rehoming animals, too. Pioneering the spay/neuter initiative in Minnesota, Pet Haven has been at the forefront of promoting responsible pet ownership.

With a robust spay/neuter program, they’ve significantly helped reduce pet overpopulation, fixing over 5,000 animals through their grant program!

If you reside near Minneapolis or plan to visit, don't miss the chance to see the incredible work done by the compassionate team at Pet Haven of Minnesota.

Your support, be it through adoption, fostering, or donation, could transform the lives of many pets awaiting a loving home.

P.S. Not a Minnesota resident? No worries!

🐾 Paw Profiles: 3 rescues looking for a new home

Pet Haven has a trio of terrific tail-waggers awaiting their forever homes.

Here’s a quick glimpse at three of our furry favorites!

Cheyenne is a sunny girl whose tail wags spread joy all around! This Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier mix has a heart full of love and is always ready to brighten up your day with her cheerful presence! 🐾☀️

Introducing Charlie, your soon-to-be outdoor companion! This young Golden Retriever mix has a natural love for nature. His idea of a perfect day is one spent exploring the outdoors with you by his side! 🐾⛰️

Say hello to Edison, a young heartthrob with giant ears and a huge smile! This German Shepherd Dog and Rottweiler mix is eager to find a family where he can share all the love he has to offer! 🐾❤️

Are you the ideal companion for one of these delightful dogs?

For sponsorship and paid media inquiries, email: [email protected]

👋 That’s a wrap, Cause for Paws crew! Keep the love for rescues growing!

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