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  • 📣 Kylie’s Urgent Call: Help end her 3-year shelter stay

📣 Kylie’s Urgent Call: Help end her 3-year shelter stay

PLUS: Learn how to crate train an older dog, and how one shelter saved 20,000 rescues.

👋 Happy Thursday! From joyful canine content to a crate-training hack, we’ve got you covered.

In today’s Cause for Paws:

  • 🥹 From chained to cherished: Felix’s adoption story

  • 🎉 Colorado rescue saves 20,000 dogs

  • 🙏 Help shelter dog Kylie find a home

  • 🚌 Take a ride on this school bus for dogs

  • 🧠 How to crate train an older dog

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🦴 Canine Corner

Our weekly roundup of heartwarming adoption and foster tales, and uplifting canine content.

🐶 A New Life: Once a neglected backyard dog, shivering on a chain, rescue dog Felix now has a joyful new life in his loving forever home.

🎉 A Colorado dog rescue organization celebrates a remarkable milestone of rescuing 20,000 dogs.

🙏 Sweet shelter dog Kylie has been at her shelter for over 3 years. Share her story here to help get this cutie a forever home for Christmas.

🚌 Paws Aboard! Join the adventure of a school bus full of dogs enjoying a park outing and birthday treats! 🎈

🎅 This dog in a Christmas outfit (with arms and legs) might be Santa’s cutest helper yet. 🐾

Despite what you may have heard…

It’s never too late to crate train an adult dog.

Now, sure… you might have a harder time if your pup’s had negative experiences with crates in the past.

But it is possible!

Today, we’re sharing a training video from Chewy on how to approach crate training for adult dogs.

A few major keys?

  • Make the crate comfortable

  • Soothe your dog’s nerves

  • Take it slow

🇺🇲 The 50 State Rescue Challenge: Rhode Island Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

This week, we're heading to the Ocean State — Rhode Island! 🌊

Specifically, we’re highlighting Animal Rescue Rhode Island (ARRI), a rescue committed to revitalizing animals in need.

ARRI leads with four core values: "Compassion, Respect, Empathy, and Integrity."

With a focus on rescuing abandoned, abused, and surrendered animals, they strive to offer these pups a second shot at life.

If you're in the Rhode Island area and considering adopting a furry friend, pay ARRI a visit!

🐾 Paw Profiles: Animal Rescue Rhode Island pups up for adoption

🐾 Bella 🐾

Introducing Bella, a charming 5-year-old Black Mouth Cur looking for a warm and cozy home!

Smart and cat-friendly, Bella knows a few tricks, loves puzzle toys, and is extremely affectionate.

Bella enjoys showering her human friends with kisses, is super playful, and can’t wait to have a new family.

🐾 Chipotle 🐾

Meet Chipotle, a spirited 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier who loves to play with his friends in the shelter.

Chipotle's tail is always wagging, and his love for toys is boundless. A lover at heart, once you sit down, he'll snuggle into your lap for some serious cuddles.

One thing’s for sure — this guy is ready to be your cheerful canine companion!

🐾 Giblet 🐾

Say hello to Giblet, a friendly 1-year-old Shepherd mix!

He may be a bit shy at first, but soon his playful nature shines through.

Giblet’s a sucker for a good belly rub, and if you're looking for a gentle, sociable pup, he could be your perfect match!

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👋 Thanks for reading, Cause for Paws crew! See you next Thursday!

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