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  • Golden Wonder Key Lime & Pawsitively Enriching Yoga with Pune's Puppies: The Unbreakable Bond Between Humans and Their Pets Revealed!

Golden Wonder Key Lime & Pawsitively Enriching Yoga with Pune's Puppies: The Unbreakable Bond Between Humans and Their Pets Revealed!

Experience the magic of Pawsitively Enriching Yoga, Rescued Fisherman's bond with loyal dog, surprising reasons behind dogs eating vomit, Bowling for Bones fundraiser, and meet Pensacola's captivating Golden Wonder, Key Lime!

👋Happy Thursday! 

We're back from a little break, but we're ready to start this year right with everything from joyful canine content to top training tips.

In today’s Cause for Paws: 

  • Pensacola's golden retriever, Key Lime, has green-tinted fur.

  • Rescued fisherman in SC found with loyal dog.

  • Puppies enhance Pune's yoga and art sessions.

  • Why dogs eat their own vomit.

  • Colorado dogs bowl for charity in unique event.

  • Video Training Tip: Stopping little dogs from attacking large dogs.

Plus, we're continuing our 50 State Rescue Challenge. This week's state: New Jersey

Top Tip of the Week:

🦴 Canine Corner

Our weekly roundup of heartwarming adoption and foster tales, and uplifting canine content.

Rescued Fisherman and Loyal Dog Highlight the Unbreakable Bond Between Humans and Their Pets: 

A missing fisherman in South Carolina was found trapped with his loyal dog by his side, showcasing the strong bond between humans and their pets.

Pawsitively Enriching Yoga and Art Sessions with Pune's Adorable Puppies

Puppies bring joy and positivity to yoga and art sessions in Pune, creating a unique and uplifting experience for participants.

This initiative aims to promote relaxation, creativity, and the special bond between humans and dogs.

Uncovering the Surprising Reasons Behind Why Dogs Eat Their Own Vomit:

Have you ever wondered why dogs eat their own vomit?

Check out this article to uncover the surprising reasons behind this gross behavior!

Bowling for Bones: Colorado Dogs Trade Treats for Tenpins in Fundraising Extravaganza!

In an exciting twist, dogs in Colorado are trading bones for bowling balls in a unique event organized by a local dog rescue group.

This fun-filled activity not only brings joy to the dogs but also helps raise awareness and funds for their cause.

Pensacola's Golden Wonder: Key Lime, the Green-Tinted Golden Retriever, Captivates Dog Lovers Worldwide:

In a unique and delightful discovery, a golden retriever named Key Lime was born with a green tinted fur in Pensacola, Florida, sparking intrigue and wonder among dog lovers everywhere.

This rare and charming phenomenon has captured the hearts of many, showcasing the beauty and diversity of our beloved canine companions.

The 50 State Rescue Challenge: New Jersey Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

This week’s spotlight falls on the Garden state: New Jersey!

Next Chance Rescue is on a mission to make a difference!

From their site: “Through rescuing, we are able to rehabilitate, foster, adopt and ultimately, change laws to ensure all animals have the protection and rights they need to live the good lives they deserve.”

If you’re in New Jersey and looking for a new canine or kitty companion, visit Next Chance Rescue’s website here!

At the moment, Next Chance only has cats available for adoption (but don’t forget about our feline friends!) Below are featured dogs from the Newark Humane Society.

🐾 Paw Profiles: Newark Humane Society’s dogs up for adoption

🐾 Annie 🐾

Annie arrived at our shelter after being discovered frolicking in a park. We've spent some time getting to know her and have completely fallen in love with her cheerful disposition! She's around 1 year old and appears to be comfortable around other dogs, though we haven't conducted formal introductions yet.

Annie is remarkably well-behaved and trained! She's already mastered several commands and exhibits the loving, gentle, and confident traits that Great Pyrenees are renowned for. Come visit the shelter to meet Annie and see her wonderful personality for yourself! 🐾⛰️

🐾 Diamond Isabelle 🐾

Introducing Diamond Isabelle. This gorgeous, two-year-old Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull mix mix is excited to become part of your life.

With her serene and gentle disposition, Diamond Isabelle could become the perfect companion for another calm canine, with a proper introduction. She’s also ideal for families with older children who will treasure her sweet nature and boundless zest for life (and her love for treats!).

One of the great advantages of welcoming an adult dog like Diamond Isabelle into your home is her eagerness to learn—she's already mastered commands like sit, stay, leave it, and paw.🐾🐕

🐾 Carly 🐾

Six-year-old Carly might have started her journey as a skinny stray, but you'd never guess it from the vibrant, healthy dog she is today! Thanks to the loving care of the veterinary team at AHS, Carly has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now eager to find her forever home. Full of energy, Carly loves to turn her walks with staff and volunteers into joyful jogs.

Carly has blossomed into a lively and spirited girl, ready to fill her new home with love and activity. Now, all that’s left is for her to find a family that will cherish her.

Carly is already spayed and brimming with vitality, a true testament to her resilience and her newfound zest for life! 🐾❤️

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👋 Thanks for your loyal support, Cause for Paws crew! We will see you again soon!

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