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  • 🐶 From Foster to Forever Home: Nala’s long-awaited reunion

🐶 From Foster to Forever Home: Nala’s long-awaited reunion

PLUS: Missouri’s rescue spotlight & how to stop puppy biting

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In today’s Cause for Paws:

  • 🏡 Nala’s microchip miracle leads to a heartwarming adoption

  • 🧠 How to quickly stop your puppy from biting

  • 🇺🇲 50 State Rescue Challenge: Missouri Edition

  • 🐾 Paw Profiles – 3 rescues with big hearts ready for adoption

Source: Marion County Animal Services on Facebook

Today’s sweet rescue story centers on Nala, who endured a 2+ year stay at the Marion County Animal Services shelter in Florida.

She first came to the shelter back in May 2021 and was quickly adopted!

However, Nala was later returned to the shelter for unknown reasons, now waiting once again for the right forever home.

The shelter staff described her as a gentle and affectionate dog who enjoyed "romping with other dogs in our playgroups" and "leaping into every pool she's ever seen."

With her endearing personality and love of drive-thru chicken nuggets, the shelter thought she’d find a new home fast.

But sadly, no new family wanted to adopt her as their own.

Her luck started to change when the new director of Marion County Animal Services dug into Nala's microchip history.

She found Nala had an original foster parent prior to her adoption.

The director discovered that Nala's foster parent "thought she was living happily with the person she adopted her to all those years ago."

However, it turned out that person had died!

Nala then bounced between multiple homes before arriving at the shelter.

Armed with this info, the shelter director stepped in. "I asked the original caregiver if she would consider adopting her and putting an end to her extensive time in our shelter."

Fortunately for Nala, her caring foster parent excitedly said yes!

When the emotional reunion finally happened, shelter staff said Nala immediately recognized her former foster parent, despite being apart for years.

"Our hearts were so full and we couldn’t believe she was leaving."

The shelter used Nala's story to show why it's critical to microchip pets and keep your contact info current, stating, "Without the microchip, this day would not have happened for Nala."

Thanks to the shelter's dedication and a microchip discovery, this uplifting tale ended happily with Nala reuniting with her original loving caregiver after over 2 years.

We hope this story inspires you to keep your pet’s microchip details updated, and to consider bringing a rescue into your life!

A common message new dog owners hear is that puppies will eventually just grow out of biting and nipping.

Unfortunately… that’s not true!

It’s a habit that needs to be dealt with while they’re still young and adaptable.

The good news?

When your puppy is 6 months or younger, you can actually deal with nipping with just a few minutes of training each day!

This training video from McCann Dog Training’s Youtube channel gives a perfect rundown of what to do.

The earlier you can start doing this with your new pup, the better!

🇺🇲 The 50 State Rescue Challenge: Missouri Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

Every week, we cover a different state, and share resources on how you can help adopt in your own state.

This week, we're heading to the Gateway to the West — Missouri! 🎵

In the vibrant city of St. Louis, you'll discover the remarkable Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG).

GPG is a non-profit shelter, founded in 2004 by a group of five compassionate women dedicated to rescuing animals.

Since then, it has grown into a virtual shelter with all rescued pets cared for by volunteer foster families until they find their forever homes.

In addition, GPG established the largest Pet Resource Center in the region, a haven for animals and pet lovers alike, housing an affordable veterinary clinic, pet supply retail store, and grooming spa.

This Pet Resource Center is a testament to GPG's commitment to keeping pets and people together, and acts as a community hub where pet owners can access resources like a free pet food pantry and free spay/neuter programs.

If you live near St. Louis, check out the transformative work being done by the GPG crew in their quest to end animal homelessness.

P.S. Not a Missouri resident? Don’t worry!

🐾 Paw Profiles: 3 St. Louis rescues up for adoption

Missouri’s Gateway Pet Guardians has some real treasures up for adoption right now.

See if one of these three could be the perfect match for you!

Meet Napa, a sweet 5-year-old charmer ready to sweep you off your feet! Dreaming of endless cuddles, belly rubs, and a family to call his own, his playful and tender heart promise a lifetime of companionship and adventures. 🐾💕

Introducing Woody, a delightful 1-year-old Yellow Labrador/Retriever mix, with a heart as golden as his coat! Known for his friendly demeanor, he's a social butterfly among humans and dogs alike, and can’t wait to find a loving home. 🐾🐕

Meet Ryder, a vibrant 2-year-old athlete, ready to leap into a life of adventure and cuddles. With a heart full of love and paws set for action, he's on a quest for an active family to share endless playdates and joyful jogs! 🐾🏃‍♂️

Are you the right fit for one of these perfect pups?

For sponsorship and paid media inquiries, email: [email protected]

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