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  • Dog Food Debate: From Homemade Recipes to Financial Responsibility

Dog Food Debate: From Homemade Recipes to Financial Responsibility

Discover the best dog food for small breeds, a generous donation to animal rescue, financial tips for adopting, and a venison recipe for your pup! 🐶🍽🎉

👋Happy Thursday! 

We're back from a little break, but we're ready to start this year right with everything from joyful canine content to top training tips.

In today’s Cause for Paws: 

  • Top 5 kibble toppers

  • Best foods for small breeds

  • Donation supports New Orleans animal rescue

  • Preparing financially for adopting a dog

  • Top breeds that snore louder than your Grandpa!

  • A heartwarming adoption from a Virginia shelter

Plus, we're continuing our 50 State Rescue Challenge. This week's state: Ohio

Top Tip of the Week:

🦴 Canine Corner

Our weekly roundup of heartwarming adoption and foster tales, and uplifting canine content.

Choosing the Best Dog Food for Small Breeds: 

Discover the best dog food for small dogs to meet their unique nutritional needs and keep them healthy and happy.

Learn about the top picks for small breeds and how to choose the right food for your furry companion.. 

Generous Donation Supports Animal Rescue Mission in New Orleans:

In New Orleans, an animal rescue organization received a generous donation of goods to support their mission of saving and caring for pets in need.

Preparing for the Financial Responsibility of Adopting a Dog:

Are you thinking about adopting a dog?

Make sure you're prepared for the upfront expenses, from adoption fees to supplies, to ensure a smooth transition for your new furry friend.

Top Dog Breeds That Snore Louder Than Your Grandpa - Get Ready for a Noisy Surprise:

Are you tired of being kept awake at night by snoring dogs?

Get ready to invest in some earplugs, because these pooches can really saw some logs!

Delight Your Pup with a Homemade Venison Dog Food Recipe:

Looking to give your furry friend a special treat?

Check out this easy venison homemade dog food recipe that will have your dog's tail wagging with delight!

With simple ingredients and step-by-step instructions, you can show your pup some love with this nutritious and tasty meal option.

The 50 State Rescue Challenge: Ohio Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

This week’s spotlight falls on the Buckeye state: Ohio!

Located in central Ohio, we’re highlighting Graceful Acres Pet Sanctuary and Adoption.

They are a foster based group and fill the gap between foster and forever, for both cats and dogs.

We also love their Junior Advocate Program, where kids get involved in the animal rescue world.

If you’re in Ohio and looking for a new canine companion, visit Graceful Acres Pet Sanctuary’s website here!

🐾 Paw Profiles: Graceful Acres Pet Sanctuary dogs up for adoption

🐾 Sadie 🐾

Meet Sadie, a 6-year-old Coon Hound. She’s a super sweet girl and is an amazing hunter, so she loves to be outside.

Sadie is good with other dogs and is up to date on her shots and is spay. 🐾⛰️

🐾 Orlando 🐾

Orlando is a 3-year-old American Boxer mix that is housetrained, up to date on vaccinations and is neutered.

Orlando is afraid of new people so patience is the key for him. Orlando is a couch potato and very sweet once he gains your trust.​🐾🐕

🐾 Niko 🐾

Say hi to Niko, a Pomeranian/Pug mix.

Niko is such a little lover and likes to cuddle. His underbite has been known to make people swoon over him. He is fully vetted and ready for his FURever home!. 🐾❤️

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👋 Thanks for your loyal support, Cause for Paws crew! We will see you again soon!

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