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In today’s Cause for Paws: 

  • Brain Games for Dogs!

  • Therapy Dogs Making a Difference at a High School

  • Dog Parade Birthday Celebration for a Veteran’s 95th Birthday

  • A Collection of Dad, I Mean Dog, Jokes

  • Keeping Your Pups Cool During the Summer

  • Cross-breeding for Health Reasons

  • Dog Reunites with Owner After 2 Years Lost

  • Nonprofit Providing Service Dogs to Veterans with PTSD

Plus, we're continuing our 50 State Rescue Challenge. This week's state: Connecticut!

Video of the Week: Brain Games for Dogs!

🦴 Canine Corner

Our weekly roundup of heartwarming adoption and foster tales, and uplifting canine content.

Therapy Dogs Bring Joy and Support to Students at Montrose High School

A pack of therapy dogs are wagging their way into Montrose High School to bring joy and support to students in need.

These adorable companions are proving that sometimes, a little tail wag is all you need to brighten your day!

Melbourne Veteran's 95th Birthday Celebration Includes Pawsome Parade of Furry Friends on the Florida Space Coast!

Guess who got the ultimate surprise on their birthday?

A Melbourne veteran celebrated their 95th birthday with a pawsome parade of dozens of furry friends, making it a tail-wagging day on the Florida Space Coast!

Pawsitively Hilarious: A Collection of Dog Jokes to Make You Howl with Laughter!

Feast your eyes on a collection of dog jokes that will have you wagging your tail with laughter!

From punny pup humor to hilarious woof-worthy punchlines, get ready to have a paw-some time reading through these side-splitting jokes.

Keeping Your Pups Cool and Happy in the Dog Days of Summer.

In the dog days of summer, it's crucial to keep our furry friends cool and safe from the heat.

Let's make sure our pups stay chill and hydrated to wag their tails for many more adventures ahead!

Reimagining Dog Breeds: A Pawsitive Initiative for Healthier Furry Friends

In the ever-evolving world of dog care, experts are barking up the tree for a reboot of dog breeds to curb health issues.

With tails wagging, this initiative could lead to a pawsitive change in the future of our furry friends' well-being.

Furever Reunited: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing Pup's Return

In a tale that will wag your tail, a missing pup makes a paw-some return to their owner after two long years, leaping for joy at their reunion.

Paws for Patriots: Vancouver Nonprofit Providing Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

A Vancouver nonprofit is raising funds to provide service dogs to veterans struggling with PTSD, offering a paw-sitive impact on their mental health and well-being.

These furry companions aren't just dogs, they're four-legged heroes delivering healing and support to those who have served our country.

The 50 State Rescue Challenge: Connecticut Edition

At Cause for Paws, we’re on a mission:

Get a pet adopted in every state.

This week’s spotlight falls on The Constitution State: Connecticut and The Animal Haven.

The Animal Haven provides a humane refuge for homeless, abandoned, and surrendered cats and dogs. Their mission is to rescue these animals and find them loving, permanent homes through their adoption program.

They are a non-profit, no-kill shelter that has been operating since 1948, making them one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in Connecticut.

They follow a strict no-kill policy and only allow euthanasia when advised by a veterinarian for medical reasons. All adopted pets must be spayed/neutered.

In addition to facilitating adoptions, they provide temporary shelter and care for cats and dogs until permanent homes are found.

The Animal Haven is a long-standing, reputable no-kill shelter committed to rescuing and rehoming abandoned pets through their adoption services and community involvement in the North Haven area.

🐾 Tucker 🐾


Tucker, a beagle/boxer mis, is the ultimate party animal with an infectious personality that will leave you in stitches!

Despite his age, he loves hiking, playing with toys, and begging for treats. His signature move is "tucking" himself under covers for cozy naps.

Tucker thrives in active homes without young children but welcomes older kids. He prefers being the only pet, ensuring undivided attention.

Check out @theanimalhavenct on TikTok for hilarious Tucker videos!

🐾 Mario and Gidget 🐾

Mario and Gidget

Mario and Gidget are an inseparable bonded pair seeking their forever home together. Mario, a 7-year-old Jindo rescued from the Yulin Festival in China, was initially timid but has blossomed thanks to his sidekick Gidget. The 5-year-old Chihuahua mix was left in a crate at the shelter in 2019 and has been living like royalty ever since.

Gidget's friendly and affectionate nature helped bring out Mario's true personality. They've formed a truly special bond, crying for each other when separated even briefly. Gidget loves cuddles and kisses, while Mario now enjoys belly rubs from staff and volunteers.

This dynamic duo is seeking a patient family willing to take the time to get to know them and love them for who they are. The ideal home would visit weekly for a month to allow Mario and Gidget to become comfortable. Though the shelter adores them, these amazing personalities deserve a loving forever home of their own to thrive in.

If you have room in your heart and home for this bonded pair, Mario and Gidget promise to fill your life with unconditional love and companionship.🐾🐕

🐾 Sienna 🐾


Sienna is an absolute sweetheart and the definition of a resilient pup! This pocket-sized pooch was found roaming the streets of Hamden with severely rotted teeth that had to be completely removed.

Despite her rough start, Sienna's bright spirit shone through.

After her dental surgery, Sienna blossomed into a vibrant, energetic dog full of life. Her toothless gummy smile and lolling tongue only add to her adorable charm.

Don't let her senior age of 12-14 years fool you - Sienna runs, jumps and plays with the exuberance of a puppy!

This affectionate girl loves being an in-your-pocket pup, following her people around like a shadow begging for cuddles and attention. Sienna's sweet nature ensures she loves everyone she meets.

While on a soft food diet due to her gummy smile, her zest for life is unstoppable.

Sienna has overcome so much, and now she's patiently waiting for her perfect forever home to shower her with love.

If you have room in your heart and home for this gummy, geriatric bundle of joy, Sienna promises to make every day an adventure filled with unconditional love.🐾❤️

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